Centralized sodium hypochlorite distribution with the IT Support

Punjab water supply and sewerage board department is supplying drinking water in 62 ULB’s of Punjab state. In supplying safe and health water to all people’s disinfection of drinking water is one of the most important factors.

For this purpose of disinfection chlorination of drinking water is one of the most common practices in India. Commonly Bleaching powder was used earlier as a key disinfectant in drinking water but now sodium hypochlorite as more convenient in using due to liquid form is used in India as main disinfectant for drinking water

The sodium hypochlorite is purchased locally by field staff and used earlier but it has been a key challenge to ensure quality of solution and non uniform quality, different rates in the state and non availability in remote towns are main reason or need for this project.


The department came with a innovative project designed and executed in-house within the department to purpose 7 sodium hypochlorite Facilities in the state as :-

Where sodium hypochlorite is procured from Punjab Alkalies Ltd directly and quality product is supplied to all water sources in form of 20 Ltrs drums by local transport means. All planning, routing controls of whole activity of Purchase, Dispatch and distribution is done with the help of Mobile app and online live dashboard.

The whole project is done by Department in-house for the purpose of betterment and supplying safe and healthy water to public.